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Home > Instagram Captions > 100+ Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions

100+ Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions

If you're a fan of Lil Baby and you're looking for the perfect Instagram captions, you've come to the right place. This article contains over 100 examples of the best Lil Baby lyrics to use as Instagram captions. Whether you're feeling reflective, in the mood to flex, or looking for something to accompany your favorite photos, these lyrics have got you covered!

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1. Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Reflective Moments

I had a bag now, I'm just tryna maintain
Stay down 'til you come up, I think that's what they say
I don't play, I let slime tote the K
Told me, "N****, never change" (Never change), I don't know another way
Can't be stressin' 'bout the things that I can't change (The things I can't change)
I got your letter, I wrote a letter to you back but I ain't really mean it
I just spent 200 on a pinky ring (Bling)
Reminiscin 'bout my past, I just let it be bygones
Gotta love not not trustin' on my wrist right now, no love for these fake n****s
Hittin' licks, I'm stealin' cars, I just want me some money

2. Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Flexing

I traded in everything, I'm rich and everything
I think I'm famous, I'm flexin' and things
I got a bag full of blue cheese
I'm all about my business, I'm a business man
I make 'em mad, I make 'em mad
I just turned a five star hotel to a traphouse
All my diamonds hittin', they hittin' hard (Hard)
I got a scheme and I put my team on
I just dropped a deuce in my lemonade
100K in a day, it's just a light day (Light)

3. Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Love and Relationships

I ain't tryna be in love with you, love with you (Love with you)
No more cryin' 'bout you, I'm not your knight in shining armor (Shinin' armor)
I don't play with love, I'm serious
So long, I can't love you baby
I know you lyin', baby, you know I'm gon' find out
You ain't really changed, I'm made, I'm the man now
My heart cold, I think I never really had a chance to know what love was
I need to focus on me, I'm gettin' closer to my dreams
It's the first of the month, we still struggling, it's a love thing
These streets get so lonely, but I'm so in love

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4. Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Grind and Hustle

It was hard to get some money, had to change my approach
I can't trust the soul, I'm paranoid, it's hard for me to focus
You can't even judge me, I know I'm not perfect
When you level up your lifestyle, with the perks you get some enemies
Thuggin' and I'm reckless, ain't nobody ever showed me love
I remember holding my mama tears when Thekgie was sent to prison
I know some people hate me but I don't read comments on the internet
Mama couldn't save me but I need that karma
Blocked a number, I don't know who it is
I just spent some bands and I feel a lot better now

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5. Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Success and Motivation

I got everything, I got a check and it mean everything
Livin' life, I'm happy, I'm content (Content)
I made it to the top 'cause I'm so resilient (Resilient)
I came from nothing, it's nothin' like a bird at the bottom
I went to the moon, I went to the stars (Stars)
I think I'm famous, I'm flexin' and things
I gained everything, I lost hope now
Thought everything was happy, I found out my best friend was jealous
Thirty on the sixty, sixty on the 100, twenty on the other thirty (Skrrt, skrrt)
I burned my bridges, I ain't burn no bridges, we just not talkin' no more

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6. Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Celebration and Enjoyment

We ballin' like the Marshmallows, we bought some margielas, we poppin' tags
We rich forever, you gotta bag it up
I'm swervin' in the coupe, just coolin' with my bros
We on the highway, we change a sad day, we smokin' mongo, we dodgin' po-pos
I'm so high in the hills, I'm feelin' like an eagle
I feel like a guitar, I'm on the outside lookin' in
I'm rollin' in the hills and I'm tryna find some love I'm runnin' low
I'm hopin' that the sky stay bold, I'm sippin' on it's like terrazo
I treated him just like family, had to cut him off 'cause he was doin' bad
I got me a bag but I'm on my last one (Last one)

7. Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions for City Life and Night Out

Just came in from the A, yeah (Yeah), legs long like a runway (Romano)
And my lil' bitch a baddie, she want some money, she get some money (She get some money)
Million dollar attitude, I brought a bad bitch, she got a attitude
I need a balcony, not just a Lexus
She bad as hell, I don't care about her feelings
You ain't really thuggin' if you ain't servin' jiggas with no mask on
I make so much money off my memories 'cause they sell like crack
I'm feelin' like I switched lanes, 'cause I was waitin' my turn
All this weight on me, I wish that I could find a plug
I just spent a half a million, I might take it out the lot

8. Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Friendship and Brotherhood

You fall off, you leave me, I bet they gon' leave you
Everything I got to do, I make sure I do it with my people (Peep) (My people)
Streets don't love nobody but I count on the ones who laughin'
That's my dog, I'll bite for sony (Hey, hey)
Real rich n****s fly Jettas, we pop stars but real steppas
We all rich n****s, we came from the bottom of it
All this money, we don't leap (Yeah, yeah, yeah), yeah, I bought my dogs some leashes
All this money, I can hardly see the ground (I can hardly see)
Got some brothers doin' life, they been holdin' me down
I'd rather help you than to help myself, I don't ask for help

9. Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Hardships and Struggles

I threw some 20s up in the block like they went platinum
I can't never sleep until I know the job finished, can't let up when I get it
I put a deposit on that bitch I just seen, that's how I felt
All I see is the money, and like I'm blind now
I need to chill out, I been wildin', goin' through some issues
Carryin' myself, no, I don't need nobody handin'* me
Ain't no sliders for me, I come from rocks (I come from rock bottom)
Keepin' her close, I wanna celebrate, but we ain't celebratin' long
I captured a mirror with diamonds in it
She asked me what I been thinkin', I think 'bout gettin' rich

10. Best Lil Baby Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Life Lessons and Wisdom

With no job, everything don't make sense
Gotta love somebody, it don't make you love somebody
The sky is filled with stars and my mind attacked
My momma say, "No, it wasn't me," she just want me to grow
I got everything, now my close friends are my haters
I came from a project, it's all I know
We get it from the mud, it's nothin' like a bankroll
It was hard to get some money, had to change my approach
Remember, I got everything, still can't get no contact
We get it from the trenches, we learn from the worst


These are just a few examples of the incredible Lil Baby lyrics that serve as perfect Instagram captions for various moods and occasions. Whether you're looking for reflective, motivational, or celebratory captions, Lil Baby's powerful lyrics have got you covered. So, the next time you're struggling to find the right words for your Instagram post, look to Lil Baby for inspiration!

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