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Home > Instagram Captions > 100+ Bi Instagram Captions

100+ Bi Instagram Captions

Looking for the perfect captions for your bi-related posts on Instagram? Well, you're in luck! This article contains 100+ example captions that are ideal for expressing your bi-pride and celebrating your identity. From clever puns to empowering statements, there's something for everyone. So, get ready to update your Instagram feed with these amazing bi Instagram captions!

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1. Bi Instagram Captions for Pride

Love is love, no matter the gender.
Proudly bisexual and loving it!
Bisexuality is beautiful and valid.
I'm bi and I'm proud to be part of this community.
Celebrate diversity, embrace bisexuality!
Being bi means twice the love, twice the pride.
Bi and fabulous, that's how I roll.
Bisexual and beautiful, inside and out.
I'm not confused, I'm bisexual.
Embrace your bisexuality and spread love.

2. Bi Instagram Captions for Visibility

Visibility matters, and I'm proud to be visible.
Bisexual and unapologetically visible.
Shoutout to all my fellow bi folks! We are here and we matter.
Breaking stereotypes and being visible as a bisexual.
Let's erase the stigma and be proud of our bisexuality.
Bisexuality is valid and deserves to be seen.
Visibility is a powerful tool for change. Own your bisexuality.
Being visible as a bi person is a statement of strength and resilience.
Nothing to hide, everything to be proud of. Happy to be seen as a bisexual.
Visibility brings about acceptance. Let's be visible and empower others.

3. Bi Instagram Captions for Love

Love knows no gender. That's the beauty of being bi.
My heart has the capacity to love anyone, regardless of gender.
Love is love, no matter who it's with. I'm bi and proud.
Bisexuality means I get to love in all shades. How amazing is that?
The heart wants what it wants, and mine wants to love without limits.
I am attracted to the person, not their gender. That's the beauty of bisexuality.
Love sees no gender, only connection and chemistry.
I believe in love that transcends boundaries, and being bi empowers me to experience just that.
Everyone deserves love, and as a bisexual, I have so much love to give.
Love knows no limitations, especially when you're bi.

4. Bi Instagram Captions for Empowerment

I am enough, I am valid, and I am proud to be bisexual.
Bisexual and unstoppable!
Breaking down barriers and defying expectations as a bisexual.
Bisexual and fierce, ready to conquer the world.
I refuse to be boxed in. Bisexuality gives me the freedom to be me.
Bisexual and proud, breaking the chains of societal norms.
I embrace my bisexuality because it empowers me to be my authentic self.
Bisexual and bold, walking the path of self-discovery without hesitation.
I am more than my sexuality, but being bisexual is an integral part of who I am.
I live unapologetically as a bisexual, inspiring others to do the same.

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5. Bi Instagram Captions for Acceptance

Acceptance is key, and I accept myself as a proud bisexual.
Let's create a world where bisexuality is fully accepted and celebrated.
We all deserve acceptance, regardless of our sexual orientation. I'm bi, and I embrace it.
I accept myself as bisexual and hope others can embrace and accept me too.
No more hiding, no more shame. I am bisexual and I fully accept myself.
Acceptance is a right, not a privilege. Let's create an inclusive world for all.
Accepting ourselves and others is a step towards unity and understanding.
Bisexuality deserves acceptance, just like any other sexual orientation.
Finding acceptance within myself has been liberating as a bisexual individual.
I accept and celebrate my bisexuality, and I hope others can do the same.

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6. Bi Instagram Captions for Self-Love

Self-love is my superpower as a proud bisexual individual.
I love myself, my journey, and my bisexuality.
Celebrating self-love and bisexuality hand in hand.
Bisexuality has taught me to love myself unconditionally.
I am a work of art, and my bisexuality is a beautiful brushstroke.
Self-love is the foundation of embracing my bisexuality.
Choosing self-love over self-doubt, especially as a bisexual individual.
Loving myself is a revolutionary act, as a bisexual person.
I am deserving of love, especially from myself as a proud bisexual.
Self-love fuels my confidence as a bisexual individual.

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7. Bi Instagram Captions for Coming Out

Coming out and living my truth as a bisexual individual.
Coming out felt like shaking off heavy chains. I proudly own my bisexuality.
Today, I'm coming out and announcing my bisexuality to the world.
Coming out has been liberating and empowering. I'm bisexual and proud.
Took a deep breath, found the courage, and came out as bisexual.
Coming out as bisexual is a step towards my authentic self.
Living my truth and proudly coming out as bisexual.
I am no longer hiding. Bisexual and embracing it fully.
Coming out is liberating. I choose to embrace my bisexuality without fear.
Announcing my bisexuality with open arms and a proud heart.

8. Bi Instagram Captions for Support

Supporting all my fellow bisexual individuals on their journey.
Sending love and support to the bisexual community worldwide.
You're not alone. I stand beside you, supporting your bisexuality.
Supporting diversity and inclusion by standing up for bisexuality.
We rise by lifting others. Supporting all my bisexual friends.
Together we are stronger. Let's support each other in our bisexuality.
Offering my support and love to anyone struggling with their bisexuality.
Supporting and celebrating the bisexual community with open arms.
Building a community of support and acceptance for all bisexual individuals.
Supporting bisexual visibility and rights every step of the way.

9. Bi Instagram Captions for Diversity

Celebrating the beautiful diversity of bisexuality.
Bisexuality: embracing the beauty of diversity all around.
Diversity makes the world colorful, just like bisexuality.
We are all unique, and bisexuality celebrates that diversity.
Bisexuality: a tapestry of diverse experiences and identities.
Embracing the diversity within bisexuality and celebrating it unconditionally.
Bisexuality shines a light on the beauty of our diverse world.
Celebrating the intersectionality and diversity within the bisexual community.
Diversity is what makes our world interesting, just like bisexuality.
We are all unique pieces, and bisexuality brings us all together in celebration of diversity.

10. Bi Instagram Captions for Happiness

Happiness is being true to who you are, bisexual and all.
Finding happiness on my journey as a bisexual person.
My bisexuality brings me so much joy and happiness.
Choosing happiness on the path of embracing my bisexuality.
Embracing happiness and love as a proud bisexual individual.
Happiness is truly knowing and embracing your bisexual identity.
Bisexual and happy - two words that go hand in hand for me.
Don't let anyone dim your happiness as a bisexual person. Shine bright!
Happiness blooms when you fully accept and embrace your bisexuality.
Happiness is, and always will be, owning my bisexuality.


Expressing your bisexuality on Instagram has never been easier with these 100+ caption ideas. Whether you're celebrating pride, seeking acceptance, or embracing self-love, there's a caption here for every occasion. So go ahead, update your Instagram feed, and share your bisexuality proudly with the world!

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