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Home > Instagram Captions > 100+ Bts Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions

100+ Bts Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions

BTS is a Korean boy band that has taken the world by storm with their incredible music and captivating performances. Their songs are filled with meaningful lyrics that resonate with fans on a deep level. If you're looking for the perfect Instagram captions, look no further! This article contains 100+ BTS song lyrics that will add a special touch to your posts.

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1. BTS Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Love

"You are my light, you are my everything" - Lights
"I'm happier when I'm with you" - Magic Shop
"You're my savior and my secret" - Love Maze
"Love is nothing stronger than a boy with luv" - Boy With Luv
"I’ll be by your side, forever with you" - 2! 3! (Hoping for Better Days)
"I believe me, I believe in me" - Epiphany
"You make me begin, you make me calm down" - Spring Day
"I'm a little bit shy, a little bit sad" - Butterfly
"Can i be your boyfriend?" - Best of Me
"You made all my weakness my strength" - Magic Shop

2. BTS Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Friendship

"Friends who walk together, work together" - Friends
"We gon' change the game, we gon' make history" - Not Today
"We're the ones who will succeed" - Silver Spoon
"We will survive, we wanna survive" - Attack on Bangtan
"We are not seven, with you" - Zero O' Clock
"We are always together, we are one" - Young Forever
"We are bulletproof" - We Are Bulletproof Pt.2
"My friends, wherever you are, I hope you're doing well" - So Far Away
"Friends don't disappear, they walk away" - Outro: Her
"Lean on me, when you're not strong" - Pied Piper

3. BTS Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Happiness

"Happiness doesn't come in large amounts" - Magic Shop
"Find your happiness" - Trivia: Love
"The precious air that fills this place, I breathe it every day" - Paradise
"With your joy, you change hell into heaven" - Spring Day
"You who brought me happiness, you" - Rain
"You give me the best of me" - Best of Me
"I live so I can say what I feel, even if I'm hated for it" - Tear
"My sunshine, my moonlight" - You Never Walk Alone
"Let's laugh and be proud, we'll shout together" - Fire
"I hope I can make it" - Mikrokosmos

4. BTS Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Motivation

"Don't be trapped in someone else's dream" - Not Today
"I'm the one I should love" - Epiphany
"Don't wanna be someone, just wanna be me" - Begin
"Work hard, you'll earn it" - No More Dream
"If you can't fly, run" - Run
"If you're gonna fight, fight against yourself" - Dope
"Even if I fall, I'll rise up" - Not Today
"Dream, though your beginnings might be humble, may the end be prosperous" - Interlude: Dream, Reality
"Throw yourself into the work, like Sisyphus rolling the rock" - Outro: Tear
"You never walk alone, you’ll never be alone" - You Never Walk Alone

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5. BTS Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Success

"I’m an idol who sings, dances, and delivers messages" - Boy With Luv
"I won’t give up" - Save Me
"There are hundreds of roads, but I’ll walk the one" - It's Definitely You
"I can say I've endured the pain" - Epiphany
"I'll find the way on my own" - Lie
"I worked all night, every day" - Dope
"We don't lose" - Not Today
"I fly, retire mami" - Blood Sweat & Tears
"I can't stop, I won't stop" - N.O
"Raise your voice higher, even if your heart aches" - No More Dream

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6. BTS Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Dreams

"My dream, so beautiful and shining" - Dream Glow
"My future is shining so brightly" - 2! 3! (Hoping for Better Days)
"I believe in myself, I believe in my fate" - Love Maze
"Wake up your sleeping hopes" - Awake
"My dream chaser" - Attack on Bangtan
"I'm not too bad at dreaming" - Ugh!
"I'm gonna be myself, with a shining light" - Dionysus
"Don't forget the initials of your name, foolish" - Look Here
"I believe we can become anything" - 21st Century Girls
"I live in my dream" - Paradise

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7. BTS Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Inspire

"I'm not a genius, but I'm trying" - The Last
"You're just human, you're beautiful" - Epiphany
"Love yourself, treasure yourself" - Euphoria
"You shine the brightest" - Magic Shop
"Don't be afraid to make mistakes, just let it go" - Let Go
"The pain inside of me is my driving force" - So Far Away
"I'm getting closer to something I can't touch" - MAMA
"The universe has collapsed without you in it" - Fake Love
"You give me the courage and strength" - Mikrokosmos
"I believe in myself, my back will never break" - Cypher Pt.3: Killer

8. BTS Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Adventure

"Let's run away to find the end of the world" - Outro: Her
"Jump up to the sky" - Jump
"I wanna hold your hand and go to the other side of the earth" - Lights
"No map that can guide you, you gotta find you" - Lost
"I'll go anywhere with you" - With Seoul
"I'll show you the story inside of me" - Intro: Persona
"I fly for you, I'm your hero" - 21st Century Girls
"High up in the sky, floating like butterflies" - Butterfly
"Don't stay where you landed, aim for the next target" - Not Today
"I go forward" - Move

9. BTS Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Youth

"I'm just walking in the maze of my youth" - Magic Shop
"Even if it's hard, walk your own path" - Run
"Live your life, gypsy boy" - Ma City
"Giving up isn't an option" - Not Today
"They whisper that I've lost my mind, but I'm fine" - Dope
"I'm just human, I have my limits" - Interlude: Shadow
"Get up and set your dreams on fire" - We Are Bulletproof Pt.2
"Enjoy it, tell them this is yours" - Anpanman
"No one's going to gift you the future" - Am I Wrong
"Don't be trapped in someone else's dream" - Not Today

10. BTS Song Lyrics for Instagram Captions for Emotions

"I'm standing here in the purple rain" - Euphoria
"I'm so afraid of who I've become" - Save Me
"I'm hiding my sadness beneath this mask" - Fake Love
"I'm holding onto a broken me, to the end of the world" - The Truth Untold
"I'm just hiding my scars" - The Last
"I'm crying over and over again" - Let Me Know
"I'm still missing you" - Young Forever
"I'm feeling so bad, I'm sorry" - Butterfly
"I'm lost in the maze of reality" - Love Maze
"I'm not afraid of darkness, but I'm afraid of what's under the moon" - Moonchild


Incorporating BTS song lyrics into your Instagram captions is a great way to add meaning and depth to your posts. Whether you're expressing love, friendship, motivation, or any other emotion, these lyrics capture a wide range of feelings. Choose the ones that resonate with you the most and let BTS inspire your Instagram feed!

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