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Home > Instagram Captions > 100+ Eyeliner Captions for Instagram

100+ Eyeliner Captions for Instagram

Are you looking for the perfect caption to pair with your stunning eyeliner look on Instagram? Look no further! This article contains over 100 Instagram caption examples specifically tailored for your eyeliner posts. Whether you're going for a bold cat eye or a subtle everyday look, we've got you covered. Explore the various categories below and find the perfect caption to highlight your eyeliner skills!

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1. Eyeliner Captions for Instagram for Classic Cat Eye

Slaying the classic cat eye like a boss! Meow!
Eyes as sharp as my cat eye flick.
Winged liner so sharp, it could cut through the haters. ✨🔪
A little winged liner can go a long way.
Mastered the art of the cat eye flick.🐱
Feeling fierce with my perfectly winged liner.💃
Bold, beautiful, and perfectly lined. #WingedLinerGoals
Wing it, slay it, own it. 🔥
Elevating my look with a classic cat eye.✨
Channeling my inner feline with this flawless cat eye.😻

2. Eyeliner Captions for Instagram for Dramatic Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes, high hopes, and unstoppable dreams.
Smoke 'em out, make 'em stare.💨
Eyes heavily lined, soul beautifully defined.🖤
Dramatic eyes, fierce vibes, and unstoppable confidence.
Lost in the haze of my smokey eye perfection.🌫️
Serving smokey eyes that could steal hearts.💔
All I need to conquer the world is a killer smokey eye.
Eyes smoked out, dreams on fire.🔥
Eyes lined with smoke and dreams.
Bold, smokey, and irresistibly hot.🌪️💋

3. Eyeliner Captions for Instagram for Natural Everyday Look

Embracing my natural beauty with a touch of eyeliner.
Enhancing my everyday beauty, one stroke of liner at a time.💁
Keeping it simple, yet stunning with a natural eyeliner look.
Liner on, confidence up, ready to conquer the day.💃
Subtle liner, natural glow.✨
Adding a touch of glamour to my everyday life with eyeliner.
Embracing my natural beauty with a hint of liner.🌿✨
Radiating confidence with a simple eyeliner look.
Less is more, especially when it comes to eyeliner.🌟
Effortlessly chic with a touch of liner.💁‍♀️

4. Eyeliner Captions for Instagram for Colorful Eyeliner Looks

Playing with colors, creating my own masterpiece.
Bold and bright, just like my colorful eyeliner.🌈
Daring to be different with vibrant eyeliner.💥
Color outside the lines and embrace the beauty of uniqueness.
In a world full of black liners, be a burst of colors.🌼
Life is too short for boring eyeliner. Let's add some color!🎉
Stepping out of my comfort zone and into a world of colorful possibilities.🌈
Color is the spice of life, and my eyeliner game is on fire!🔥
Vibrant liners, vibrant personality. Life is too short to blend in.
Embracing the beauty of colors, one liner at a time.🌈

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5. Eyeliner Captions for Instagram for Glitter Eyeliner Looks

Sparkling eyes, sparkling dreams.
Eyes shining brighter than the stars with a touch of glitter.🌟
Glitter liner, because ordinary is just not my style.💁‍♀️
Unleashing my inner sparkle with glitter eyeliner.🌟✨
All that glitters is me - with my stunning glitter eyeliner look!
Dazzling and sparkling, just like my glitter eyeliner.💎
Life is too short to skip the glitter. Shine bright, my friends!🌟
Eyes that mesmerize, thanks to my shimmering glitter liner.
Glitter vibes, shining bright and loving life.✨🌟
Nothing says "I'm ready to conquer the world" like a touch of glitter eyeliner.

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6. Eyeliner Captions for Instagram for Bold Graphic Eyeliner

When life gives you eyeliner, create your own artistic masterpiece.
Breaking the rules, making my own statement with bold graphic liner.💥
Lines so sharp, they cut through the ordinary and redefine beauty.🔪
Daring to be different with stunning graphic liner.💫
Bold, fierce, and ready to take on the world with my graphic eyeliner look.🌍
Embracing the power of lines and creating magic with graphic eyeliner.
Liner so bold, it's like art on my eyes.🖌️
Making a statement with every stroke of my graphic eyeliner.
Lines that tell a story, eyes that captivate hearts.💕
Who needs a canvas when you have your eyelids to showcase graphic liner?🎨

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7. Eyeliner Captions for Instagram for Subtle Tightline Look

Simple yet stunning, defining my eyes with a subtle tightline.✨
Enhancing my natural beauty with a touch of tightliner.💫
Eyes so mesmerizing, they speak volumes with just a hint of tightlining.
Subtle and sophisticated, my tightline look says it all.👀💕
Opting for a low-key beauty look with a classic tightline.✨
Making my eyes pop with a simple yet impactful tightlining technique.💥
Tightlining my way to effortless beauty.🌸
The secret to my captivating gaze? It's all in the tightline technique.
Less is more, especially when it comes to tightlining.💫
Keeping it natural, but never boring with a touch of tightliner.

8. Eyeliner Captions for Instagram for Winged Liner on Fleek

Winged liner so sharp, it could slay hearts.💔
Beauty tip: Confidence increases by 100% when you have killer winged liner.
Wings that could fly me to success.🦋
On a scale of 1 to winged liner, I'm definitely off the charts.✨
Life may not be perfect, but my winged liner certainly is.
Invest in good eyeliner and let your winged liner do the talking.💁‍♀️
Wings so fierce, they could conquer the world.🔥🌍
Feline vibes, fierce wings. Channeling my inner confidence.😼
Winged liner on point, attitude in check, ready to conquer the day.
Wing game strong, confidence stronger.🦅

9. Eyeliner Captions for Instagram for Futuristic Metallic Eyeliner

Stepping into the future with my metallic eyeliner game.
Eyes that shine like starlight with a touch of metallic liner.⭐
Embracing the futuristic vibes with my metallic eyeliner look.🌌
Metallic magic on my eyes, ready to take on the unknown.
Eyes that glisten, dreams that never fade. Metallic eyeliner love.💫
Daring to be bold with my metallic eyeliner look.✨
Unleashing my inner space queen with stunning metallic eyeliner.
Reflecting the light of the future with my metallic eyeliner.✨
Shimmering and shining with my statement metallic liner.
Eyes that transcend time and space with a touch of metallic magic.⚡🌌

10. Eyeliner Captions for Instagram for Edgy Grunge Look

Edgy and fierce, just like my grunge-inspired eyeliner look.🔥
Creating my own rules, breaking boundaries with my grunge liner.
Embracing the dark side with a touch of grunge eyeliner.🖤
Life is too short for basic eyeliner. Let's get grungey!🌟
Unleashing my rebellious side with a grunge-inspired eyeliner look.🔥
Bold, daring, and unapologetically grunge.💀
Defying norms, setting trends with my edgy grunge liner.
Grunge vibes, fierce attitude. My eyeliner is my armor.🖤
Smudged liner, untamed soul. Embracing the beauty of imperfections.💫
Living life on the edge with my grunge-inspired eyeliner look.


There you have it – 100+ eyeliner captions for Instagram to complement your stunning eye makeup looks. Whether you prefer classic cat eyes, dramatic smokey eyes, or colorful eyeliner creations, these captions will elevate your Instagram game. From bold and fierce to subtle and natural, there's a caption for every eyeliner style. So go ahead, capture your liner masterpiece, and let your captions shine as bright as your eyes!

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