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Home > Instagram Captions > 100+ Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy

100+ Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy

Are you expecting a baby and ready to share the news with the world? Instagram is the perfect platform to announce your pregnancy and celebrate this exciting journey. We've curated over 100 Instagram captions to help you make the perfect announcement. From cute and funny to heartfelt and creative, these captions will add that special touch to your pregnancy announcement post.

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Before diving into our lengthy list of captivating slogans, put our innovative IG caption generator to the test for personalized, unique, and attention-grabbing options for your pregnancy announcement.

Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy for Couples

And then there were three
Love multiplied
Our greatest adventure begins
Hand in hand, we're becoming parents
Two hearts, one baby
Creating a family with love
Together we're unstoppable
Our love story continues
A new chapter begins
Our little miracle is on the way

Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy for Siblings

Promoted to big brother/sister
I'm going to be a big brother/sister!
Mommy and Daddy are adding another seat at the table
Guess who's going to be a big sister/brother?
Soon to be a family of four
Sharing toys and love with my new sibling
Big adventures await with my little sibling
I'll show my new sibling the ropes
Excited to be a big sister/brother
Mommy's belly is growing, and so is my heart

Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy for Grandparents

We're going to be grandparents!
The best is yet to come: Baby's due
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a grandbaby in a baby carriage
Grandparent duty calls
Growing our family tree
Life's most precious gift is on the way
Grandbaby on the horizon
Becoming grandparents, the next chapter in our love story
Our hearts and home will soon be filled with grandbaby love
Can't wait to spoil our grandbaby

Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy for Friends

Expanding our squad by one
Future playdates in the making
We're joining the parenthood club!
Our news is too cute to keep quiet
Best friends, baby bump and all
Our little one will have the best aunties/uncles
Cheers to new adventures and diaper duty
Love our friends, love our baby
Friendship forever, now with a baby on board
Can't wait for our little ones to be best friends

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Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy for Pet Owners

Paws off mommy's belly
My human is going to be a mommy/daddy
My sibling has a tail, what about yours?
Training for big brother/sister duty
Fur babies, meet the real baby
Preparing our pack for the arrival of our newest member
Mommy's baby bump is growing, and so is my excitement
Tails and baby bumps: a perfect combination
Raising this baby with our furry family
Life's better with a four-legged sibling

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Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy for Funny Announcements

Officially outnumbered by babies
We're adding a little love and chaos to our family
Preparing for sleepless nights and endless love
Bump ahead: proceed with excitement
Sorry for the belly bump, it's not a cake baby
Pregnancy cravings: pickles, ice cream, and Baby's love
Baby on board: buckle up for the wild ride
Creating our own little circus
Preparing for blowouts and baby smiles
Future sleep pro: I'll sleep when I'm 18

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Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy for Twins

Double the love, double the joy
Two miracles in one belly
Our family is multiplying by two
Twice the kicks, twice the love
Two peas in a pod, coming soon
Double trouble, double blessings
Pooped mommy and daddy times two
Double strollers and double snuggles
Twins on the way, our hearts doubled in size
Counting down the days until we meet our two miracles

Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy for Gender Reveals

Pink or blue, our love's just for you
Thinking pink or blue, what do you think?
Wear pink or blue, cast your votes!
Team bow or team bowtie?
Ready to welcome a little prince or princess
It's a boy/girl and we couldn't be more excited!
Pink paint or blue toys? Soon we'll know!
Flutters and kicks, the secret's revealed
Get ready for a pop of pink/blue in our lives
Painting the nursery pink or blue, the countdown begins

Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy for Adoption

Gaining a family member through the gift of adoption
Our journey to parenthood begins with adoption
Bringing our forever child home
Adoption: the most beautiful way to build a family
Our hearts have found their missing puzzle piece
The first steps to forever: our adoption story
The wait is over: our baby is coming home
Love knows no boundaries: our adoption journey
Sneak peek: soon-to-be parents through adoption
Planting roots in our forever family through adoption

Instagram Captions for Announcing Pregnancy for Travel Lovers

Adventure awaits, baby on board
The best souvenir is on the way
Our journey continues with a little wanderer
Exploring the world, one tiny traveler at a time
From passport stamps to baby booties
Plot twist: a baby joins our travel squad
Adventure is calling, and we're answering as parents
Prepping our mini adventurer for a life of travel
From strollers to suitcases, traveling with our little one
World, meet our travel companion-in-training


Announcing your pregnancy on Instagram is a joyous moment. It's the perfect platform to share your excitement with family, friends, and the world. We hope these 100+ Instagram captions help you make a memorable and heartfelt announcement that reflects your unique journey. From cute and funny to sentimental and creative, there's a caption for every style and personality. Get ready to document your beautiful journey to parenthood!

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