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Home > Instagram Captions > 100+ Instagram Captions for Last Day of School

100+ Instagram Captions for Last Day of School

Are you looking for the perfect Instagram captions to celebrate your last day of school? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of 100+ Instagram captions that are perfect for capturing the excitement, nostalgia, and relief that comes with the end of the school year. Whether you're graduating, moving on to the next grade, or simply counting down the days until summer break, these captions are sure to make your last day of school photos stand out on your feed.

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1. Instagram Captions for Last Day of School for Graduates

Finally free! 🎓✨
Goodbye textbooks, hello freedom! #ClassOf2022
Cheers to the best four years of my life! #SeniorYear
The tassel was worth the hassle. #GraduationDay
Time to toss the cap and embrace what's next! 🎓✨
Chasing dreams and making memories. #GradLife
Success is the best revenge. #ClassOf2022
Graduation: the beginning of anything you want. #FutureIsBright
I came, I saw, I conquered. #ClassOf2022
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. #GraduationDay

2. Instagram Captions for Last Day of School for Juniors

Junior year: conquered. #AlmostThere
Junior year taught me more than just academics. #Growth
Enjoying the last days of junior year like... #SchoolsOutSoon
Counting down the days until senior year. #ClassOf2023
Junior year: challenged, but not defeated. #StrongerThanEver
Embracing the journey, one school year at a time. #JuniorYearAdventure
Junior year flew by, but the memories will last forever. #TimeFlies
First step towards senior year: complete! #AlmostThere
Junior year, you were a rollercoaster ride I'll never forget. #UpsAndDowns
Junior year taught me the importance of resilience. #NeverGiveUp

3. Instagram Captions for Last Day of School for Sophomores

Just a couple more years until freedom! #ClassOf2024
Halfway there, but still going strong. #AlmostDone
Finding my way, one school year at a time. #SophomoreJourney
Sophomore year: a chapter of growth and discovery. #GrowingUp
Soaking in the last days of being an underclassman. #SchoolsOutSoon
Making memories and enjoying the ride. #SophomoreYearVibes
Sophomore year made me realize my potential. #UnleashingMyPotential
Class of 2024, we're coming for you! #NextChapter
Sophomore year taught me the value of persistence. #KeepGoing
Time flies when you're having fun... and studying hard. #SophomoreLife

4. Instagram Captions for Last Day of School for Freshmen

Freshman year: complete! #OnToSophomoreYear
Finding my place in the high school maze. #FreshmanJourney
Freshman year taught me lessons that go beyond the classroom. #LifeSkills
Embracing the adventure of high school, one year at a time. #FreshmanLife
Freshman year: a mix of excitement and nerves. #NewBeginnings
Celebrating the end of being a newbie. #NotAFreshmanAnymore
Freshman year, you exceeded my expectations. #MemoriesMade
Class of 2025, we're just getting started! #NextChapter
Freshman year taught me the importance of resilience. #RisingStrong
From freshman to sophomore, the journey continues. #HighSchoolAdventure

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5. Instagram Captions for Last Day of School for Graduating Class

The end of an era. #GraduatingClass
From the classrooms to the real world. #OnToNewBeginnings
Savoring the last moments with my tribe. #GradLife
A bittersweet ending, but a bright new beginning. #GraduatingClassOf2022
Last day of school, first day of the rest of our lives. #ClassOf2022
Celebrating the memories we made together. #GraduationDay
To the friends who turned into family. #GraduatingTogether
We came, we learned, we conquered. #ClassOf2022
Onward and upward. #NextChapter
Forever grateful for these unforgettable years. #GraduatingClass

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6. Instagram Captions for Last Day of School for Summer Break

School's out, summer's in! ☀️🌴
Time to soak up the sun and forget about textbooks. #SummerBreakVibes
No more pencils, no more books, just beach days and summer looks. #HelloSummer
Summer: the ultimate escape from school stress. #SummerModeActivated
The countdown to pool days and ice cream cones starts now. #SummerIsHere
Adventures await this summer. #OutOfOffice
Let the summer adventures begin! #AdventureAwaits
Making memories one summer day at a time. #SummerBreakGoals
School's out, smiles on. #SummerFeels
Summer lovin' on my mind. #HelloSunshine

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7. Instagram Captions for Last Day of School for Reunions

Reunited and it feels so good! #SchoolReunion
Bringing back the good old memories. #Throwback
Time may pass, but friendships last forever. #ReunionFun
Reuniting with the friends who made school days unforgettable. #SchoolDays
Reconnect and reminisce. #GoodTimes
Old friends, timeless memories. #SchoolReunion
Laughing at the old inside jokes. #ReunionVibes
Reunion: a celebration of the past and the future. #Reconnect
From classmates to lifelong friends. #TimelessFriendships
Cheers to the friends who have been there through it all. #SchoolReunion2022

8. Instagram Captions for Last Day of School for Teachers

Thankful for the journey we shared with our students. #TeachingLife
Saying goodbye to our sweetest students. #EndOfTheYear
A rewarding chapter comes to a close. #TeachingAdventure
Grateful for the memories we made in the classroom. #TeacherLife
Reflecting on the growth we witnessed this school year. #TeacherPride
Sending our students off with love and pride. #EndOfTheYear
To the teachers who shaped young minds: thank you. #TeacherAppreciation
Celebrating the impact we've made as educators. #LastDayOfSchool
So proud of our students' accomplishments this year. #TeacherLife
Looking forward to another inspiring school year ahead. #TeacherMotivation

9. Instagram Captions for Last Day of School for Friendships

Here's to the friendships that started in classrooms. #SchoolFriends
Friends are the best part of the school experience. #CrazyAdventures
To the friends who made school days bearable. #Besties
Making lifelong memories with my partner-in-crime. #SchoolDays
Through thick and thin, we made it together. #FriendshipGoals
Riding the rollercoaster of school life with my forever friend. #SchoolBFF
Goodbye, school hallways. Hello, friendship that never fades. #FriendshipForever
The best kind of friendships are made in school. #ForeverFriends
Here's to the friends who made school days unforgettable. #SchoolMemories
Through all the ups and downs, you were always there. #FriendshipUnbreakable

10. Instagram Captions for Last Day of School for New Beginnings

Closing one chapter, opening another. #NewBeginnings
The end of school marks a new beginning. #NewChapter
Embracing the unknown with open arms. #NewAdventures
Ready to take on the world, one step at a time. #NewJourney
The end is just the beginning. #NewHorizons
Saying goodbye to the old, and hello to the new. #FreshStart
New beginnings are often disguised as last day of school. #EndOfTheYear
To the endless possibilities that lie ahead. #NewBeginnings
The future is ours to create. #NewChapter
Here's to the adventures that await us in the next chapter. #NewJourney


As you celebrate your last day of school, these 100+ Instagram captions will help you express your excitement, gratitude, and anticipation for the future. From graduation to summer break and reunions, there's a caption for every occasion. Whether you're a graduate, a junior, a sophomore, a freshman, a teacher, or celebrating the end with your friends, these captions will help you capture and commemorate this special day. So go ahead, pick your favorite captions, pair them with your last day of school photos, and share them with the world!

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