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Home > Instagram Captions > 100+ Romantic Song Captions for Instagram

100+ Romantic Song Captions for Instagram

Are you looking for the perfect romantic song captions for your Instagram posts? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of over 100 romantic song captions that are guaranteed to make your followers swoon. From classic love ballads to modern pop hits, these captions will perfectly complement your romantic photos. Let's dive in and find the perfect caption for your next Instagram post!

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1. Romantic Song Captions for Instagram for Falling in Love

"Can't help falling in love with you." - Elvis Presley
"Cause all of me loves all of you." - John Legend
"I'm falling even more in love with you." - Lifehouse
"You're the reason I believe in love." - Lonestar
"You make me feel like a million bucks." - Jessie J
"Every little thing you do is magic." - The Police
"You're the one that I want." - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
"I'll never stop loving you." - Whitney Houston
"You're the missing piece to my puzzle." - David Guetta
"I could stay awake just to hear you breathing." - Aerosmith

2. Romantic Song Captions for Instagram for Long-Distance Love

"I'm miles away but your love brings me closer." - Martin Garrix
"Distance means so little when someone means so much." - Alicia Keys
"I'm counting down the days until I see you again." - Katy Perry
"Love knows no distance." - Colbie Caillat
"You are my compass when I'm lost." - Coldplay
"No matter the distance, you're always in my heart." - Ellie Goulding
"Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel." - unknown
"My love for you knows no borders." - Ed Sheeran
"Love bridges the distance between us." - Mariah Carey
"I'll cross oceans to be with you." - Jason Mraz

3. Romantic Song Captions for Instagram for Summer Love

"This summer's gonna hurt like a motherf*****." - Maroon 5
"Summer lovin', happened so fast." - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John (Grease)
"We found love in a hopeless place." - Rihanna
"It was a summer of love and the living was easy." - Lana Del Rey
"You're my sunshine on a cloudy day." - The Temptations
"Our summer love will never fade away." - Katy Perry
"Life is better in flip flops and with you." - Kenny Chesney
"Sun-kissed and in love." - Ed Sheeran
"Underneath the summer moon, I fell for you." - Shawn Mendes
"Our love is hotter than the summer sun." - Demi Lovato

4. Romantic Song Captions for Instagram for Anniversary

"It's been a wild ride, but I wouldn't change a thing." - Taylor Swift
"You're still the one I run to." - Shania Twain
"Cheers to another year of love and laughter." - Ed Sheeran
"Side by side, we can conquer anything." - Mariah Carey
"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite." - Justin Bieber
"Falling in love with you is the best decision I've ever made." - Sam Smith
"You're still the one I want to dance with." - Bryan Adams
"Love gets better with each passing year." - John Legend
"You're forever my always." - Adele
"Love is patient, love is kind, and I'm lucky to call you mine." - Taylor Swift

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5. Romantic Song Captions for Instagram for Proposal

"I found love and it's all because of you." - Beyoncé
"I can't help but say yes to forever with you." - Christina Perri
"You had me at hello." - Kenny Chesney
"I want to spend my life with you, every step of the way." - Ed Sheeran
"Love came crashing through my walls." - Rihanna
"Forever in love with the idea of you and me." - Justin Bieber
"You make me want to be a better person every day." - John Legend
"With you, I've found my happily ever after." - Mariah Carey
"You're my dream come true." - Katy Perry
"You're the reason I believe in love at first sight." - Bruno Mars

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6. Romantic Song Captions for Instagram for Heartbreak

"Somebody that I used to know." - Gotye
"I'm a mess without you." - Ed Sheeran
"I will survive without you." - Gloria Gaynor
"Crying over you is so yesterday." - Toni Braxton
"I'm stronger without you." - Demi Lovato
"I'm better off alone." - Ariana Grande
"You lost the best thing you ever had." - Taylor Swift
"I'm moving on and getting over you." - John Mayer
"I'm healing my heart, one song at a time." - Sam Smith
"I don't need you to be happy." - Troye Sivan

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7. Romantic Song Captions for Instagram for Wedding

"At last, my love has come along." - Etta James
"I have found the one whom my soul loves." - Song of Solomon 3:4
"Today I marry my best friend." - Bruno Mars
"Take my hand, take my whole life too." - Elvis Presley
"It's a beautiful day to say 'I do'." - Michael Bublé
"Two hearts became one today." - Ed Sheeran
"You're the reason I believe in happily ever after." - Shania Twain
"I love you to the moon and back." - Savage Garden
"You're my always and forever." - Chris Brown
"You are the best thing that's ever been mine." - Taylor Swift

8. Romantic Song Captions for Instagram for Celebrating Love

"Love is all you need." - The Beatles
"Love is the answer, and you are the question." - Jason Mraz
"Love is a melody that never fades away." - BTS
"I feel it in my bones, love is alive." - Lea Michele
"Love is the most beautiful thing in life." - Alicia Keys
"Love is like a song that never ends." - Christina Perri
"Love is a language that everyone understands." - Selena Gomez
"Love is like a work of art, beautiful and everlasting." - Adele
"In a world full of hate, choose love." - Martin Garrix
"Love is the key to happiness." - Coldplay

9. Romantic Song Captions for Instagram for Couple Goals

"We go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong." - Grease
"You're my better half." - Keith Urban
"We were born to be together." - Justin Timberlake
"You and me, we're golden." - One Direction
"I wouldn't want to share my life with anyone else." - Ed Sheeran
"We fit together perfectly, like a puzzle." - David Guetta
"Love is better when it's with you." - Meghan Trainor
"We're a match made in heaven." - Ariana Grande
"With you, every moment is special." - Mariah Carey
"You complete me." - Jerry Maguire

10. Romantic Song Captions for Instagram for Goodnight Posts

"Goodnight, sweet dreams are made of you." - Eurythmics
"Sleep tight, my love." - James Blunt
"As I lay me down to sleep, I think of you and drift away." - Sophie B. Hawkins
"Goodnight, the stars are shining just for you." - Rihanna
"May your dreams be filled with love and happiness." - Maroon 5
"With you, even my dreams are better." - John Legend
"I'll see you in my dreams, my love." - Joe Brown
"Goodnight, tomorrow is another day to love you more." - Ed Sheeran
"Sending you love and sweet dreams." - Ellie Goulding
"Sleep tight, my heart is always with you." - Adele


With these 100+ romantic song captions, you'll never run out of ways to express your love and capture the perfect moment on Instagram. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, sharing a heartfelt proposal, or simply expressing your love, these captions will add a touch of romance to your posts. So go ahead, choose your favorite caption, pair it with a beautiful photo, and let your love shine on Instagram!

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