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Home > Instagram Captions > 100+ Stranger Things Instagram Captions

100+ Stranger Things Instagram Captions

Stranger Things, the popular Netflix series, has captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. With its nostalgic 80s vibes, compelling storylines, and memorable characters, it's no wonder that Stranger Things has become a cultural phenomenon. If you're a fan of the show and want to share your love for it on Instagram, we've got you covered. In this article, we've compiled a list of 100+ Stranger Things Instagram captions to help you find the perfect words to accompany your posts. From funny quotes to heartfelt captions, there's something here for every Stranger Things fan.

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1. Stranger Things Instagram Captions for Season 1

In a world full of Barb's, be an Eleven.
Friends don't lie - they tag you in every Stranger Things meme.
Slaying Demogorgons like a boss.
Upside down but feeling right at home.
Hawkins is the new Stars Hollow.
On a Netflix binge with my favorite Stranger Things crew.
Just a normal day in the Upside Down.
Waffles and Stranger Things - the perfect combination.
Finding my inner Eleven, one Eggo at a time.
Chasing shadows and saving the world.

2. Stranger Things Instagram Captions for Season 2

The Hawkins crew is back and better than ever.
Demodogs, Mind Flayer, and a whole lot of adventure.
No more waiting - Season 2 is here.
Halloween just got a lot stranger.
Will Byers deserves all the happiness in the world.
Dustin's hair is iconic, don't @ me.
Finding strength in friendship and waffle cravings.
Bob Newby, superhero of our hearts.
The Mind Flayer has nothing on our squad.
Adventure is out there, and it's in Hawkins.

3. Stranger Things Instagram Captions for Season 3

Scoops Ahoy is my new favorite hangout.
The summer of '85 never looked so good.
Robins and Steve - the ultimate dynamic duo.
Billy may be the bad boy, but he's got style.
No one does '80s fashion better than Stranger Things.
Mall madness and supernatural phenomena - just a typical day in Hawkins.
Summer flings and creepy monsters - the joys of being a teenager in Hawkins.
Eleven's style evolution is on point.
The fireworks are not the only things exploding this summer.
Stranger Things knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats.

4. Stranger Things Instagram Captions for Favorite Characters

I would break the rules for Hopper any day.
Nancy Wheeler - the queen of taking down demogorgons.
Dustin makes me believe in the power of friendship.
Joyce Byers - the definition of a fierce mom.
Lucas always keeps it real, no matter what.
Max Mayfield, the ultimate skater girl.
Jonathan Byers captures the heart with his photography.
Steve Harrington - the king of redemption arcs.
Robin Buckley, I bow down to your sarcasm.
Eleven, the badass with a heart of gold.

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5. Stranger Things Instagram Captions for Friendship

Friends don't let friends get lost in the Upside Down.
Finding my stranger things squad one adventure at a time.
Our friendship is stronger than any demogorgon.
Hawkins, bikes, and best friends forever.
Life is better with a friend like you, no matter how strange.
Friends who watch Stranger Things together, stay together.
Heart to heart talks and supernatural adventures - that's what friends are for.
You're my person, even in the Upside Down.
Our friendship is stranger than fiction.
Can't spell friendship without Stranger Things.

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6. Stranger Things Instagram Captions for Love

Love is just as strange as the Upside Down.
Falling in love like it's the summer of '85.
You are the Steve Harrington to my Robin Buckley.
In a world of Upside Down, you're my grounding force.
Love is like an adventure in Hawkins - unexpected and thrilling.
You stole my heart like Eleven stole Eggos.
We're a match made in the Upside Down.
Together, we can face any Mind Flayer that comes our way.
You make me feel like I'm on a romantic carnival date in Hawkins.
Our love story is as epic as any Stranger Things plotline.

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7. Stranger Things Instagram Captions for Nostalgia

Taking a journey back to the 80s, one Stranger Things episode at a time.
Nostalgia hits harder than a Demogorgon attack.
80s kids unite - Stranger Things is our love letter to the past.
Feeling all the feels with this throwback to 80s pop culture.
Reliving my childhood with a dash of supernatural mystery.
The 80s were weird and wonderful, just like Stranger Things.
Long live the days of scrunchies, neon colors, and landline phones.
Stranger Things - the perfect blend of nostalgia and intrigue.
Dusting off my cassette tapes and embracing the 80s vibes.
The 80s may be gone, but Stranger Things keeps the magic alive.

8. Stranger Things Instagram Captions for Supernatural Elements

Living in a world where the supernatural is the new normal.
The Upside Down awaits - are you ready for the adventure?
Mind control, alternate dimensions, and telekinesis - just another day in Hawkins.
The Mind Flayer never stood a chance against our Stranger Things crew.
Fighting supernatural forces like it's our full-time job.
Demogorgons beware - we're armed with the power of friendship.
Upside down, right side up - we can handle anything.
Embracing the strange and supernatural every chance we get.
Hawkins, where even the smallest town has the biggest secrets.
Living in a world where monsters are real and heroes are born.

9. Stranger Things Instagram Captions for Adventure

Life is an adventure - just ask the kids from Stranger Things.
Going on an adventure, Hawkins style.
Exploring the mysteries of Hawkins, one clue at a time.
Adventure is out there, and it's waiting in the Upside Down.
Brace yourself for the unexpected - this is Stranger Things.
Uncovering hidden secrets and saving the world - just a typical day for us.
Life is too short to stay in one dimension - let's go on an adventure.
Join our Hawkins adventure - there's always room for one more.
Embracing the unknown with open arms - that's the spirit of our adventure.
Fighting monsters and discovering who we really are - that's what adventure is all about.

10. Stranger Things Instagram Captions for Feelings

Stranger Things hits me right in the feels every time.
When Stranger Things makes you laugh, cry, and question everything.
Feeling all the emotions with this binge-worthy series.
The joy and heartbreak of Stranger Things is unmatched.
El's journey is a reminder that we're all capable of great things.
Stranger Things understands the pain and beauty of growing up.
Getting lost in the Upside Down of my thoughts.
When TV shows make you feel more alive than real life.
Feeling so connected to these fictional characters - that's the power of great storytelling.
Watching Stranger Things feels like coming home.


Whether you're a die-hard fan of Stranger Things or just dipping your toes into the upside-down world, these 100+ Instagram captions will help you capture the essence of the show in your posts. From season-specific captions to quotes about friendship, love, and adventure, there's something here for every Stranger Things fan. So grab your Eggo waffles, fire up Netflix, and start sharing your love for this iconic series on Instagram!

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